Some woodies went high end and also ended up being favorites

of the affluent. Sometimes described as estate automobiles, they would certainly gain popularity with “county gents” that possessed   auto   repair shop business plan   huge rural estates.

Throughout the 30’s most other makers joined in, usually with really minimal success, Some lesser known cars and truck makers just created a prototype or two. The biggest car compamy at the time, Chevrolet, waited till 1939 before they introduced their initial woodie.


Already the automobiles had come to be known as “terminal wagons”, a variant of the earlier name “depot hack”, however was still a reference to train terminals.


Woodies were never ever a successful item for automobile manufacturers. They were incredibly labor extensive to create; essentially hand put together. Ford bought a track of forest referred to as Iron Hill in Michigan as a source for lumber, other makers just purchased the lumber, or regularly, had outside suppliers manufacture the wood bodies.


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